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Hello Beautiful!


We are so proud that you have decided to become part of the Miss Celebrations USA Queen's team. 

The National Directors of the Miss Celebrations USA pageant program are dedicated to making this a year that you will always remember.   Plans are being made for an amazing year filled with fun, new friends, and memories to last a lifetime. 

One of our most important goals, is to ensure that you grow personally from your Miss Celebrations USA experience.   The best way for you to attain personal growth (in my opinion) is to get involved in helping others less fortunate. 

 We call it "Beauty by Action".   I promise that once you have spent time helping those who really need you, your sense of self worth and your self esteem can not help but grow.  Not to mention that you will most definitly become grateful for the talents and blessings God has given you.

We would also like for you to spend some time helping to promote the Miss Celebrations USA program. 


Two reasons: 

 1.  The activities that we use to promote our program will assist in growing your communication skills. 


2.  The more contestants in our Miss Celebrations pageants, the more power we have to help those less fortunate.    Remember, every pageant is a collection point for a local charity.   It could be a food bank, a homeless shelter or anyone of hundreds of organizations that need our help.


As a program, we are dedicated to helping ALL organizations that need us.   We tend to partner more with food banks and homeless shelters, however, any organization in need can be our partner.  So you see, once you have a Miss Celebrations USA title you can choose the type of Community Service work with which you become involved.

What are Celebration Queens Points and why do I need to keep track of them?    Celebration Queen's Points are awarded to each queen for various activities.   One of our most prestigious titles is our NATIONAL MISS SPIRIT OF CELEBRATION USA.  This title is awarded to the Queen whom the judges feel did the best all-around job of representing her Miss Celebrations USA title.

Activities that you will receive Celebration Queens Points for include:   Community Service, Collection and Donation of non-perishable food items, Referrals, appearances, and all kinds of activities that will help promote our program.  Remember, however, that there is no specific number of points that you must obtain in any one category.  

We want you to do what you love and love what you do.   Yes, we do want you to do a little bit of everything - Community Service, Appearances, Referrals - so that you become a well-rounded queen.

You will find a list of Celebration Queens Points by going to




If you are a queen who is new to the whole pageant scene or if you just need a little extra help in finding activities to get involved in you to have the ROYAL AMBASSADORS to help you.   These ladies can give you advice and share a wealth of knowledge from experience.   REMEMBER each of our ROYAL AMBASSADORS has held the position of National Queen at least once .....most of them have held that title several times!   Don't hesitate to contact them for assistance.  One of the first things you need to do as a Miss Celebrations Queen is to join the Miss Celebrations USA Queens Group on Facebook.

A lot of our information about nationals is posted on the Facebook page. It is also a good place to keep track of competitions and prizes.

Then please send a quick email to letting her know you are a new QUEEN!!!


Oh and don't forget to friend request your director and Rebecca Crews!


Hugs and much love,

Rebecca Crews

National Director

Carrie Burchett, Rebecca Crews, Laura Herrera, Lori Chitty, 

 Associate National Directors



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