National Royal Miss 

National Royal Miss


Royal Miss is one of our most coveted titles. This title helps to fund the scholarship program. Royal Miss money helps us to maintain the high quality that you have come to expect from our National Team!

Family and friends have the option of voting for the Royal Miss title.   Votes are $1 each.   Individuals may vote as often as the like and may purchase as many votes are they like.   

Remember your photo will not appear below until you have at least 50 votes.

Her prize includes:

 *The  National Royal Miss' prizes include:   

*Her beautiful National crown and a  National Queen's prize package.

*A beautiful Miss Celebrations USA Official Jacket.

*Her  National Sash with FOUR rows of rhinestones  

*Her official Miss Celebrations USA acrylic Crown Cash

*A year of the fabulous famous Miss Celebrations USA Queen's Boxes






Royal Miss Contestants

Olive Woollard
Corine Samuel
Caylee Pafford
Arabella Alvarado
Laelyn Barron
Chloe Walker
Zoey McCoy
Bianca Campbell
Abby Carroll
Raquelle Canady
Camille Rodgers
Jaslyn Hamilton
Leah Alberding

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