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2024 Miss Celebrations USA National Royal Miss

National Royal Miss Voting

Royal Miss is one of our most coveted titles. Funds from this title help to fund our Scholarship Programs.


  Covid-19 has made raising money to support our substantial Scholarship Program almost impossible, making our Royal Miss titles even more important.  

Royal Miss money also helps us to maintain the high quality of awards and prizes that you have come to expect from our National Team!

Family and friends have the option of voting for our title of  2024 National Royal Miss.   


Votes are $1 each.   Individuals may vote as often as they like and may purchase as many votes are they like.   

Remember your photo will not appear below 

until you have at least 50 votes.

Royal Miss Contestants


Laila Taylor

Brooklyn Royal Miss Photo.jpg

Brooklyn Ramos

Pedro Royal Mr. Photo.jpg
Braeleigh Royal Miss Photo.jpg

Braeleigh Delsied

Pedro Ramos

Milan Royal Miss Photo.JPG

Milan Goodwin

lucy mills.jpeg

Lucy Mills

Mary Palmer Royal Miss Photo.jpg

Mary Palmer

karlie ann.jpeg

Karlie Ann

annabelle cooper RM.jpg

Annabelle Cooper

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