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National Sponsorship

National Sponsorship -   

  2020 National Miss Celebrations USA, Cover Model


All Queen's are required to obtain at least a 1/2 page sponsor for the National Pageant Program Book.

You can fulfill your sponsorship requirement with either two (2) 1/4 page ads or one (1) 1/2 page ad or 4 business card adds.

The program will be a full-size program (   8 1/2 X 11 inches)  Your mandatory ad is 1/2 that size.   Your ad must be submitted in a completed format ready for us to copy and paste into the program. The program will be a professionally printed magazine-style booklet.

Ads are as follows

(1/4 page is $125 or a   1/2 page is $200    or a Full Page is $300, single business card $75)



Your ad sponsor(s) can be anyone from a local business to your friends and family.

(See form requirements below for the "Friends and Family Program") 


The DEADLINE  for all ads to appear in the  National Program and Keepsake is FEBRUARY 1, 2020.

If your ad is received after the February 1st deadline it will appear only as an insert!


Debuting our NEW Ad program

This program is designed to help you earn the National Cover Miss Title and free party tickets!

For the first time ever, Queens will be able to sale $75 Business Card Ads.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE....... to be able to do this YOU MUST FOLLOW THE  RULES:


1.  Business must fill out the form below and YOU must submit the form along with a physical BUSINESS CARD to the National Office VIA The United States Postal Service. (TBF&C INC P.O. Box 358 Geneva, AL  36340) NO OTHER FORM WILL BE ACCEPTABLE.   


2.  We require an actual business card, We must be able to scan the actual card into our computer program.   AGAIN YOU CANNOT EMAIL PICTURES OF BUSINESS CARDS ..... we must have a card.  This year's program will be printed in a magazine quality format. 


3.  THE DEADLINE for this program will also be January 22nd.   Ads of any type submitted after February 1st will not count towards the "Cover Miss" program nor will they count toward earning party tickets (see below).   


The Business Card Ads will appear in their very own section of the program;  thanking them for their support of the Miss Celebrations USA Queens and our mission of feeding the hungry! 





For each $300 in ad sales, you will receive  ONE  FREE ADULT PARTY TICKET.   ($200 in ad sales will earn you a CHILDREN'S TICKET.)   So my first piece of advice is for you to increase your mandatory ad to $300...So for the extra $100, you will receive one full-page plus a FREE ADULT TICKET!

But don't stop there.......the more ads you sell the more FREE PARTY TICKETS, YOU GET!  This includes the business card ads !!!



 BECAUSE OF THE HOTELS DEADLINE, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT ALL ADS, AD MONEY AND FREE PARTY TICKET CLAIM FORMS (the claim for will be found on the National Party Page) MUST BE IN THE NATIONAL OFFICE NO LATER THAN JANUARY  22nd!    I MUST LET THE HOTEL KNOW HOW MANY TICKETS I NEED BY THIS DATE.   Again, I will purchase extra tickets.   However, I can only purchase so many extras without putting myself in the whole.   I will continue to sell and issue tickets until I have sold or issued the very last one......BUT TO BE GUARANTEED the deadline is January  22nd, 2020.































Our National Cover Model will be the Queen who collects the most sponsorship funds.

Her prize includes:

 *The National Cover Model will be featured on the front of the  National Pageant Keepsake Program book.   

*Her beautiful  National crown and a  National Queen's prize package.

*A beautiful Miss Celebrations USA Official Scepter

*Her  National Sash with FOUR rows of rhinestones  

*A year of the fabulous famous Miss Celebrations USA Queen's Boxes

*A $750 Fabulous Photo Shoot by one of the top photographers in the country Baron DaParre of  Visual Images** (please see note below)

**You are responsible for scheduling the photoshoot with Baron.   You can travel (and you are responsible for your travel expenses to his main office in Miami OR you can meet him on the road.   He travels all over the country to do photo shoots (example:  New York, Dallas, etc. depending on his schedule)

National Sponsorship Funds help us to raise money for scholarships and prizes for all our parties and trips for our National Queens!   These funds will help us to reward Queens who work so hard all year long to feed the hungry, perform hours of community service,  and actually start community projects of their own.


Without Businesses and people like you, so much of what we do would not be possible. 


1\4 Pages need to be oriented in a verticle layout

1\2 Pages need to be oriented in a horizontal layout

Quarterpage Example

HAlf PAge Example

Your ad and text need to be sent to 

If you DO NOT HAVE A PRE MADE AD  you may send the pictures and information you wish to include in the ad to and our webmaster can design your ad for you for a  small fee depending on the amount of work that is needed. Ad designs will be higher quality than above examples.  Ads designs can be as little as $19.99 up to $199.00 with Full photoshop and your rights to reuse the add for other purposes.   Ads need to be turned in by 1/30/2020 or they will be subject to late fees. 





Family, Friends, 

Business Ad