Beauty By Action

As part of our basic entry fee, our Celebrations contestants are required to bring a donation for the local charity that we are partnering with in that community.  This is ten nonperishable food items normally.   I have a passion for feeding hungry children.   It literally breaks my heart to think of children going to bed hungry.  However, we will, on occasion, work with for other non-profit organizations.  (Veterans groups, women’s shelters, etc.)   We help wherever we are needed.


Miss Celebrations USA is a two-tier pageant system. (No Traditional State Pageants!) This means that once you have a Miss Celebrations USA title you are qualified for Nationals 2019 (Your Basic Entry fee is Paid).


Cutting out the traditional "State Pageant" allows for more Celebration Pageants at a local level. Giving us more opportunities to help more people and touch more lives.   We call our local pageants “Mini State” pageants.    This makes it possible for contestants and Queens to participate in more pageants, while spending less (you are not limited in the number of Celebration titles that you hold.)  Additionally, this system allows us to provide our Queens and families with more parties, prizes and fun!.


We strive to embody the words, "Beauty by Action."  Our Queens will grow in poise, confidence and self-esteem, by giving back to their communities; donating their time, talents and energy. These activities teach our Queens strong Leadership Skills.  Miss Celebrations USA defines beauty by what our Directors and Queens put their minds, hands and hearts into.

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