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National Pageant Titles & Awards


Prizes & Awards:

National Queens will be award their beautiful National Miss Celebrations USA Sash and Crown.  

National Queens will also receive a beautiful National Queen's Bag at crowning.   



 National Miss Photogenic:

You have the option, for a fee, to enter three (3) three photos into our  National Photogenic Competition.    An overall National Miss Photogenic will be crowned.   The tabulator will use your 3 highest scoring photos for your composite score.  (Again, you may enter extra photos for a small fee.)


If you would like to see The National Program's  reasons that Miss Photogenic scores will not count towards tie-breaking  optionals see


Miss Photogenic Receives the same prize packages as the Divisional National Queens



In addition, we will be crowning the following 





**Miss Spirit of Celebrations

 This is the queen who brings the most non-perishable food items to Nationals to be donated to the food bank. We will take into account quality and quantity... A case of water is not 24 items it is 1 etc....


National Community Queen


The Miss Celebrations USA will be chosen by a panel.  (The panel includes the judges, National Directors and a select group of Royal Ambassadors.)   We will be watching throughout the year for the special someone whom we feel best represents Miss Celebrations USA. The Queen who does the best job of representing her title during her reign will be crowned our National Miss Community Service of Celebrations USA.


 Some of the things that will be taken into consideration by the panel are:

Number of Community service hours DURING her reign.

Number of donated items throughout the year

Number of approved appearances throughout her reign

National Cover Model

The Queen who collects the most sponsorship funds.


National Royal Miss:  

Royal Miss is another coveted title. It cost a lot of money to put together a National Pageant Program!   Just the convention space at Nationals runs into the tens of thousands.   Royal Miss money helps us to maintain the high quality that you have come to expect from our National Team!

Family and friends have the option of voting for the Royal Miss title.   Votes are $1 each.   Individuals may vote as often as they like and may purchase as many votes are they like.   The page that you can give to family and friends so that they can vote for  Royal  Miss:

Remember your photo will not appear on the National Royal Miss page until you have at least 50 votes.

National Hostess:

National Hostess is another title that is very important to our program.   Nationals is about rewarding young ladies (of all ages) who have worked hard all year to help people in need in their local communities.

We will crown a New National Team.   However, I want everyone who attends National to leave feeling like they have been to one big party.......designed just for them.

Our National Hostess helps me to achieve that goal.  By collecting and donating "gifts and prizes" of all types throughout the year and bringing them to Nationals (or sending them to the National office all year long) she helps us to have parties like the "The Cash Bash".    If you are interested in this important title you will need to keep track of the RETAIL VALUE of each item you are donating.

Again, this title will be judged by our panel (judges, Directors, Royal Ambassadors) on Quantity, Quality, and Usefulness.

Please note:   When determining the Retail Price to use think about this.   We will use Amazon to check the validity of your Retail Price.  If however, you find a great you find an awesome item that retails for $10 but it is on CLOSEOUT for $1 .......jackpot you get to claim the $10.  Please make sure that you are donating NEW, USEFUL Items that you would like to bid on at the party.   Also remember, we will have little brothers, Dads, and Moms at the parties too.

National Super Model/Glitzy Girl (3 different divisions)

This is the highest scoring contestant in her division of competition based off of their two walks. 

National Mr. Celebrations (3 different divisions)

This is the highest scoring contestant in his division of competition based off of their two walks.

3 Supreme Titles awarded

These three titles are the three highest scoring contestants in the entire competition based off of their scores and divisional placement...EG: We will award 1 supreme in the divisions Baby-Petite, 1 

Supreme Young-Teen, and 1 Supreme Miss-Elite. Each Supreme winner will receive $500

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