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National Policies and Procedures

Hello, I am Rebecca Crews, the National Director  of Miss Celebrations USA.   This page is an attempt to give you the information you need to understand "Why?" we have some of the policies, rules, and procedures that we do. 


It was our Founder, Sherry Crews,  who decided that all pageants should be State (or Mini-State) pageants.   Again, it works.   It allows our Queens to concentrate on competing at her time to get involved in Community Service work and allows her to work on a National Signature title immediately upon being crowned.   She doesn't have to wait until after her "State" pageant to get really involved in the National Fun!


I promise you that there are reasons and loads of thought that go into every decision or program.   Sometimes, however, it just doesn't get communicated to you the Queen or Parent.   That is what this page is for:   to explain and answer some of your questions.   If we get asked a question several times, it will most likely appear with an answer on this page.  


Questions that may have crossed your mind?


1.  Why is it that Mothers (or Fathers or another family member) has to be on stage with their Baby Miss, Toddler Miss or Tiny Miss.)

The answer to this one is two-fold.   First, for safety reasons.  Until a Queen of this age gets to Nationals she may have never even competed on a stage.  Let alone a stage the size of our National Stage.  She might not have even seen a T-Shaped set up before Nationals.   So, the first reason is her safety.   We are  aware that she could step on the stage and see her family and then run towards them.....running right off the end of the stage (over 3 feet high).    SO, SAFETY FIRST.

The second reason is insurance.   The hotel's insurance requires that children under a certain age have an escort while on stage.   Some states that we compete in have this exact same law.    So, A Baby Miss, Toddler Miss  or Tiny Miss must have a parent or guardian on stage with them at all times.

2.  Why is it the Miss Photogenic optional does not count as a tie-breaking optional.

One of the things you get to do when you create a new program is we get to fix some of the things we have always believed to be unfair in other programs.

Mine personally has always been "National  Miss Photogenic."  The Miss Photogenic Optional is the ONLY Optional that is actually a National don't have a National Miss Interview.   So allowing Queen's to count individual pictures as tie-breaking optionals has always seemed unfair to me.

Some Queens are very photogenic, some are not.  (Besides the fact that extra pictures usually cost $10 - $20 and optionals can run as high as $99 in some systems) 

I put a great deal of thought into this one and decided that the title of Miss Celebrations USA, National Miss Photogenic should stand alone. 

A total of 3 pictures are included in the Miss Photogenic Optional Title Entry can add more for a small price.....and the three highest-scoring pictures will be used to determine our "National Miss Photogenic" and our divisional winners.   

However, the optionals that count as tiebreakers are Interview and All of the OOC (Outfit of Choice - Themed Wear Competitions) . 


3.  What Optional Competitions do move forward in case of a tie!

The optionals that count as tiebreakers are: 


*Patriotic Wear

*Valentine's Wear


 4.Why is it so important for me and my family to use the Miss   Celebrations USA’s Official Hotel and Room Block.

Nationals is a very expensive party.  To be able to make it as affordable as we can for you and your family without sacrificing comfort, cleanliness and the "extra" fun things, all groups must guarantee a certain amount of rooms that they will be responsible for selling.   We have a room block of 150... not 150 people, 150 rooms over the three-day pageant.





By submitting your application or attending a Miss Celebrations USA pageant, you agree to the rules .


I understand that EVERYONE in our party including the contestant is to be a good sport at all times. The Miss Celebrations USA Pageant Program reserves the right to rescind any title or refuse entry to any event, due to any behavior or action we deem inappropriate. I also understand that anyone in the contestants' party or the contestant, who displays bad sportsmanship, or any type of negative behavior will be asked to leave the premises (or forcibly removed if necessary) and that this behavior could result in the disqualification of their contestant. I understand that the National Director and/or the Associate National Director/or the State Director reserves the right to refuse entry into the pageant for any reason as deemed necessary.



I hereby release waive and forever discharge TBF & C Inc. and/or  Dwight Crews, III and Rebecca Crews, and their members, agents, subcontractors, employees, the promoter’s sponsors or advertiser’s owners and lessees of premises used to conduct this event and each of them their officers and employees from all liability.


 I grant the Miss Celebrations USA Pageant Program the right to use any photo taken of the contestant or the contestants family or guests for our use however we see fit. Photographs may be used on the website and/or in advertising of the pageant program.


I understand that any funds submitted included but not limited to this entry fee is non- refundable and non-transferable to another pageant or contestant should the registered contestant be unable to attend for any reason or released from the system due to poor sportsmanship.


I agree to abide by all rules and guidelines and show respect to fellow contestants and staff. I understand that as part of my prize package I will advance to Miss Celebrations USA National Pageant (pending my required ad fee  purchase unless otherwise noted).


I further understand that I may be subject to a Code of Ethics and representation clause to be signed immediately upon receiving my sash and crown.

I understand that the directors hold the right to place a contestant in a higher or lower age group depending on birthdate, skill, or other extenuating situations. This is at the discretion of the director and national staff.


I also understand that if attendance is found to be too low to provide you and your family with the type of pageant experience that Miss Celebrations USA can be proud of, or if unforeseen circumstance or disaster occurs;  State Level titles will be issued without competition (allowing the Queen to advance to Nationals with their Basic Entry Fee Paid) or pageant will be rescheduled.

 I certify that the above-stated information is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.

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