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National Royal Ambassador 

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My goal for the National Ambassador program is for it to be the cream of the crop. Over the next several years, I will develop this program to the point that anyone in the pageant world will want to become apart of our Celebrations Ambassador Program. This includes the development of a scholarship program for Royal Ambassadors over the next several years.

Love, Sherry

We have two different programs under our National Ambassador program. The first one is designed for directors children that are under the age of 10, this is our Princess Royale program. Our Princess Royales are queens in waiting, which means that when they become of age they will move into the National Royal Ambassador program.


Due to the amount of work we expect of our National Royal Ambassadors, we have decided that to apply for the Ambassador Program a queen must be at

least 10 years of age.  The Royal Ambassador Team is limited to approximately 12 Queens... if you apply for the team and the roster is full... you will be placed on a waiting list and you will be awarded the next slot available.


The work we expect out of our Princess Royales is that they:


  • Make a minimum of one appearance a month (every three months they must make an approved appearance)

  • Perform at least 3 community service events throughout the year

  • Donate at least 100 canned food items throughout their year.


Basically, we expect our Princess Royale's to be the princesses they are while making some appearances for us and performing some community service as well. 

The Royal Ambassador Program

Becoming a National Royal Ambassador is a job, and with a job comes benefits as well as responsibilities. 


During her reign our, National Royal Ambassadors  (including directors children*) must do at a minimum:


  • Post 1 page of pageant banners a month

  • Perform 2 approved appearances a month

  • Perform 1 community service event every other month

  • Donate 1000 canned food items throughout the year

  • Attend our pageants that occur within a 50 - mile radius of your town

  • Donate $100 worth of retail items to the Miss Hospitality program for nationals

  • Have "clean" social media accounts


*Directors children may choose to complete their responsibilities through either Miss Celebrations or America's Miss Agribusiness if their parent is a national associate director of BOTH programs.


Each year the Supreme Royal Ambassador will go to the girl who has gone above and beyond what is required. 


As part of their prize package, each National Royal Ambassador will receive:


  • Their exclusive Miss Celebrations USA Royal Ambassador Crown and Sash

  • After crowning photoshoot with our National photographer

  • Quarterly Mega Queen's prize boxes beginning in March 2020 and ending December 2020

  • Special trips just for the National Royal Ambassadors (coming soon)

  • The ability to earn their Miss Celebrations USA National Royal Ambassador Crown Case



The application to become a part of the 2020 National Royal Ambassadors team can be found on





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