Nationals 2021

Welcome to the 2021 National Miss Celebrations USA, SuperModel Competition:  For years now parents have requested that I create "more competition" at our National Pageants.  The problem has always been that we have to consider the additional money, time, effort and energy that this would require of our parents and queens who are on a limited time frame and a budget.

SO!  I decided to create a totally separate title and competition that National contestants could enter or not.  In addition, it was a great opportunity to provide a competition in which everyone could participate.  (this includes our Ambassadors, Outgoing National Queens who are not competing and our Director's children)

So many of you love runway competition and the New York Fashion week that we decided to create a program with those things in mind.

It is with great pride and satisfaction that we induce a new National Signature Miss Celebrations USA title:  2021 National Miss Celebrations USA SuperModel

Returning this year is our "SuperModel" title and optional. 

SuperModel registrations will be Wednesday, February 10,2021 

(The same day as National Queen and Royal Ambassador Check-in)

This amazing competition will take place on Day 1 of our National Pageant (Thursday, February 11, 2021.)

Included in the registration fee will be two separate modeling walks and a photogenic portfolio (3 photos please).

Both modeling walks and the score for the portfolio will be used to determine the overall score for Miss Celebrations USA 2020 SuperModel. 

The competition will include:

Modeling Walk One:  Outfit of Choice (Casual)   You get to choose what you feel the best in!  Show your style.  Show your Stuff!

Modeling Walk Two:  Evening Wear (not necessarily a pageant dress)  For our Baby, Toddler, Tiny this should be a party dress.  Little Miss and up should think party, cocktail, etc.

Mini Portfolio:  Three (3) of your best!  8 X 10 Please!

All the basic rules of MIss Celebrations USA will apply.  We are a high Semi-Glitz program.  Makeup is appropriate at all ages.  However, in the Baby, Toddler, Tiny Miss divisions please make it age-appropriate for A PAGEANT!   Hairpieces are allowed.

The two-piece dresses are allowed. 


Please remember ladies that we are still a family program.   We have no hard rules about how much thigh you show or how much cleavage .... however;  if you offend a judge your score will reflect that offense! 

JUDGING OF THIS COMPETITION WILL BE SEPERATE and may even have totally separate judges than our National Competition.  Contestants will be judged on their poise, personality, and overall Modeling Style.

REGISTRATION BELOW:  You must register for this competition SEPARATELY!  The Competitions will have separate tables for check-in at Nationals.  Your payment must be submitted for you to be officially registered and confirmed.

Steps to registering:

1.  Use the Paypal button below to pay your registration fee

2.  Make sure to fill out and submit the Registration Form below

3.  Start practicing your Model Walk

The Registration fee for this event is $249.  It includes both walks and the mini-portfolio (3 pictures).

Divisional winners will receive a beautiful trophy and the overall highest scoring "SuperModel" will be crowned our

2021 National Miss Celebrations USA SuperModel.   


One National SuperModel will be selected from the Baby, Toddler, Tiny and Little Miss Divisions

One National SuperModel will be selected from the Petite, Young, and Junior Miss Divisions

One National SuperModel will be selected from the Teen Miss and Up Divisions


Our 2020 National Miss Celebrations USA SuperModel's Prizes will include:

*Her beautiful 2020 National Crown and a 2021 National Queen's prize package.

*Her 2021 National Sash with FOUR rows of rhinestones  

*Her official Miss Celebrations USA acrylic Crown Case

***A year of the fabulous famous Miss Celebrations USA Queen's Boxes

*Two Tickets to the Queen's Brunch on Sunday immediately following Crowning

and the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week with the Michael Galanes team!

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