Mini State Pageants/Local Pageants:  Judging,Scoring & Tie Breakers


1 Your first mandatory competition at your Mini State pageant and the only competition at a "one walk" pageant will be your Themed Casual Wear.

 The theme depends on the Name of the Celebration you are competing in. 


  New Year’s will require a party dress for the younger contestants or a cocktail style dress for the older contestants. 

Valentine’s Day Celebrations will require you to put together an outfit that is all about hearts, red, white and pink.  Fourth of July (Freedom Celebrations} will require a patriotic outfit… 


Remember, that the cost of your outfit is not the point.  It can be custom made or put together using your imagination. The Themed Casual Wear walk is “freestyle”.   Have fun and show us your personality.  Please keep your feet on the stage at all times, however, No acrobatics!


The Celebration team will provide the music.   The music for Themed Wear will be upbeat and fun.


2.  Second mandatory competition is  Formal Wear (or some people call it Beauty Wear). 

This is your pageant gown.   Our younger contestants may choose to wear a short “cupcake” style of dress or a long pageant gown.   Our older contestants should wear a floor length gown (the new two-piece gowns are acceptable). 

The music for this competition will also be provided by the Celebrations team.  It will be a medium tempo and gown appropriate.



3.   Scoring

Contestants will be scored in each of the required competitions on the following points:  


Overall Appearance:

(How does she look when she first appears, does her dress or outfit fit her and look good on her).


Personality and Stage Presence:

(Miss Celebrations USA is looking for personality, kindness and a general sense of fun.)  Their poise, self-confidence, and self-esteem will be taken into consideration; however, these will grow over the course of their reign.


(overall beauty)



At a Mini-State Pageant Scoring for Divisional Titles and Supreme Beauty will be determined by

Themed Wear + Beauty Wear

In the event of a tie, the highest optional score will be added for each contestant involved in the tie.

(Optionals that will be used in case of a tie are:  Interview and Photogenic)

If there is still a tie, the next highest optional is added in.

Themed Wear and all Optionals are scored on a scale from 1-10.

Beauty Wear is scored on a scale from 1-10.


The Miss Photogenic title is determined by adding the three highest scores (you can submit more than three photos, however, we will still use the photos with the three highest scores as you overall Miss Photogenic score.



The contestants overall score will be determined by adding her scores from both the Themed Casual Wear competition and the Formal Wear competition.   The highest score for each division will be crowned our divisional queen.   If your Celebration is offering a “Supreme Beauty” title she will be the contestant with the highest overall score.

Please Note:   Optional Scores will be used in case of a tie  (Optional Scores that will be used as tiebreakers are:  Photogenic and Interview)




 The Celebration you are competing in may have “optional” competitions.   These are competitions that for a small extra fee you can participate in and win prizes.  Listed below are some of the possible “extras” your Celebration may be offering.   Check your Celebrations PayPal Button just make sure a certain optional is available.



Contestants from the Tiny Miss division through the Elegant Ms. Division will have the option of competing in a private interview with the judges. 


Miss Photogenic:

Contestants will have the opportunity to compete for the Miss Photogenic title.   Three photogenic pictures are required to qualify for this title.  No baby doll photos, please. The Miss Photogenic winner from each division will receive a beautiful “Miss Photogenic” pin for her sash or she may receive a custom medal or trophy.

The Overall Miss Photogenic winner will receive her beautiful Miss Celebrations USA sash, crown and her basic entry fee to Nationals 2019.


The Prettiest Optionals:

Contestants have the option of entering the Prettiest Eyes, Hair and Smile optional.  

A divisional winner for each of the three categories will be chosen by the judges and awarded a custom Miss Celebrations USA Medal, Sash, Trophy or a trip to the "Prize  Table".  (Again, depending on the director.)



DETAILS that you should be aware of:

We do not require that you do cover up tattoos as long as they are not offensive. However, some judges may deduct points based on their own opinion. There are many people in the general public that find tattoos inappropriate...  Hairpieces are allowed.   Make-up that is age-appropriate for a pageant is also allowed.   Please remember, however, we do not want our two years old to look 24.  No flippers. No spray tans, no false lashes or fingernails on our Baby, Toddler, Tiny or Little Miss, please.



We are a family orientated program.  If the judges deem your outfit to be tasteless, showing too much, then you will not be chosen to represent our program.  



We don’t mind a prop or two, however, you must be able to place them on the stage and remove them from the stage in a matter of seconds.   Please remember, that it is the contestant’s responsibility to place and remove props.


A Quick Reminder about Rules of Conduct:  

Miss Celebrations USA is looking for personality and heart.   We,  the Miss Celebrations USA Leadership Team, promise you an honest and fair pageant.   We promise to treat all your family and friends with respect.   Having made those promises to you we expect you to treat fellow Queens and Contestants with kindness and respect.

Bad sportsmanship of any type will result in your disqualification not only form the Celebration you are participating in but all Miss Celebrations USA programs.   You the contestant, are responsible for the people in your party.   Bad behavior by a family member or friend could result in the contestant being disqualified and may also result in being banned for the program. 

 This page is for both contestants and judges who will be participating in Miss Celebrations pageant.  (This way, all contestants and parents know precisely what our instructions to our judges are!)

     First, Miss Celebrations is a system that gives back to the community through charity! Second We have fun and give out prizes and scholarships!!

     Signature Titles: Royal Miss Celebrations, Miss Spirit of Celebrations, Miss Photogenic, Miss hospitality.  All of our Signature Titles are earned, through action, caring, and giving back.  Queens all over the country will work hard to earn the right to represent Miss Celebrations Pageant Program through these titles.   To review the rules and regulations, consult your preliminary pageant's website.

 First, we would like to Thank You for sharing your time, talent, and energy with us.  We have young ladies of all ages from Baby Miss to Elite Ms (even some stunning grandmothers!).  
  Your score sheet is your personal statement.   It is our desire that you score in such a manner as to produce a winner who is the best representative of our program.   A young woman who will be a role model for her community. 

 All our judges are volunteers.   My idea of a perfect panel of judges is to have 2 (two) experienced judges and 1 (one) judge who is new to the judging experience.  (that way, we are always training our next generation of judges!)   We never want a judge to feel "rushed" in any way.   To that end, you will have a "head judge"  ... will have several responsibilities: 

 1. This judge will control the tempo of the pageant.   She will let her know when she is ready for the next contestant to come on stage by giving the M.C. a signal.   We do not want the judges to be still finishing their scoring sheets for the previous contestant while the next contestant is making her stage appearance!   Until all judges have completed their scorecards and passed them to the head judge, we do not want the next contestant on stage!

2.  It is their responsibility to collect all three score sheets on a contestant --- make sure the division and contestant number are correct -- then staple them together and place them face down in front of her.

3.  All our preliminaries are tabulated by computer. The head judge may be called upon to check to make sure that the tabulator has entered the numbers for each contestant correctly. 

4. if there is a dispute or for learning and growing purposes, you can purchase your scorecards to review. 

    Please ensure that you enter the contestant's number correctly and circle her correct division (Baby -Elite Ms). Then pass your score sheet to your head judge!

    Please do not make any comments (positive or negative) on the score sheets! 
If you make a mistake, please destroy the sheet and get another one.

    We strive to keep our preliminary procedures as simple as possible.  Each judge's sheets have a place for you to put the contestant's division and number.   You then have the option of giving each contestant a score in the 1 - 10 range.  Please do not score a child below a 5 (five).....we feel that no child should leave our pageants feeling like they are less than average.  So .....please think of the score of 6 as average -- 5  below average -- 8 (eight) Good -- 9 (nine) Excellent -- 10 (ten) should be reserved for those contestants who deserve an "outstanding or perfect" score.

You will be scoring each contestant in three areas:
1.  Stage Presence
How does she perform on stage?   Does she seem comfortable and confident?   Is she smiling and making eye contact with you?   PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WE ARE A FREESTYLE PAGEANT!  This means that we have no set walk.....we encourage them to do a "model" or "runway" type of upbeat music.  
2.  Overall Appearance
This is just what it does she look?   Remember, we are not a glitz program, nor are we a natural program.  We want every contestant to be able to "feel" like the princess that they are!   So if a little blush and lip gloss make her feel special is okay with us......what we do not want is our 2-year-olds looking 24! 
Does her outfit fit her and look good on her?   A note about her outfit:  MOST All of our preliminaries are "casual wear"......all that means is that we highly discourage pageant dresses.  Contestants are encouraged to "show their sense of style"!  That means their outfits may sparkle, have feathers, be flashy.....etc......that is excellent!   Or they may purchase something cute from a local department store......that is fine too!   The "price" of the outfit does not matter to us at all!  
***Wigs or Wiglets, spray tans on younger contestants, and flippers (fake teeth) are not allowed!   The tabulator will deduct points for these things.
Modesty: Once again, we are not a "Glitz" program. Outfits should not show the midriff area at all! This includes Baby and Tiny contestants! Too much cleavage is highly discouraged, along with too much thigh! These things should negatively affect your score!
3. Personality
Does she sparkle on stage?   Does her personality come through loud and clear!
What to do if you arrive and find out that you "know" one of the contestants:   Let the director know immediately.   If the relationship is just an "acquaintance" type of relationship, you will most likely be allowed to judge that division.   As long as you feel that you can be "fair" and "impartial."
If the relationship is a close one:  Then most likely, you will be asked to just sit out that division.  We can usually do just fine with 2 (two) judges.   Or we may substitute another judge in your place if one is available!
But please let us is so much easier to deal with a problem if we have all the facts!
Rules that judges need to be aware of:
Baby and Tiny Miss Contestants must have a parent on stage with them at all times!
Standing behind the judges coaching your child is not acceptable!   Please note, however, that we do not consider a parent or grandparent waving or smiling at a baby to be coaching. We just don't want parents to stand directly behind the judges to do it!   ****COACHING is using hand gestures and body motions to get your child to do specific moves and routines on stage!

NO Wiglets (the only exception to this rule is if the contestant would wear the hairpiece daily....example:  for medical reasons or hair loss)
NO Spray Tans on Baby, Tiny, Little, Petite and Junior Contestants
Hair and Makeup should be age-appropriate, but that means age-appropriate for a Beauty Pageant. In other words, a Baby Contestant who is wearing a little blush and lip gloss is excellent...however, our Tiny Miss contestants should not look 24 years old!
Modesty:  Once again, we are not a "Glitz" program.   Outfits should not show the midriff area at all!   This includes Baby and Tiny contestants!   Too much cleavage is highly discouraged,   along with too much thigh!  These things will negatively affect your score!
WE DO ALLOW  Eyelashes and Nails for our contestants that are old enough to wear them!
No parent should approach or question a judge.....if a parent has a question about the
the outcome of the pageant, they should be referred to the director!

For your information:
SPORTSMANSHIP Rules for parents and contestants!
 I agree to abide by all rules and guidelines and show respect to fellow contestants and staff. 
 The judges and tabulators' decisions are FINAL. We understand that EVERYONE in our party, including the contestant, is to be a good sport at all times. The Miss Celebrations USA Pageant Program reserves the right to rescind any title and refuse entry to anyone or event if necessary. We also reserve the right to eject anyone who engages in any type of unsportsmanlike conduct!   Immediately.
Please be aware that we mean what we say......there will be security on location at each state pageant.   Poor behavior will get you ejected!   The poor response by a contestant or any member of the contestant's family will disqualify the contestant and get everyone in the family escorted off the property. No refunds will be issued.   BAD BEHAVIOR THAT WILL SPOIL THE FUN, FESTIVE ATMOSPHERE OF THE PAGEANT,  CROWNING CEREMONY OR ANOTHER FAMILIES' ENJOYMENT OF THEIR QUEENS ACHIEVEMENT.....WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!   PERIOD!

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