Queens Posting Page!





In order to successfully download and post these pictures and description please follow the steps

as listed below.  You may want to print this text to keep it for future use. 

WILL NOT  WORK ON A PHONE. (screenshots not allowed)


1. Left Click on the desired image in the gallery (you can quickly download the image by clicking on the download link on the image before opening up the image preview.)

2. A secondary page will open up

3. In the top left of the page click the download link image

to download the image to your computer ( Images by default download to your DOWNLOADS folder unless you tell it to download somewhere else)

4. The text for the description for the post will be located on the right side of this page

5. To copy the text for the description in the right window  you must left click and select all of the text from top to bottom

6. While the text it is still highlighted in blue press CTRL and the C key on your keyboard at the same time. (this will copy the text to your computer's clipboard)

7. Post as you normally would but when it comes time to add text description click where you would post the text and press CTRL and the V key on your keyboard to paste the text. ( if you have copied anything else between selecting the text and now it won't work repeat steps 5 and 6)



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