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Poster's Corner


  We really need your help!   The National Leadership Team just can’t keep up with posting to the boards.   There are more Pageant and Modeling boards now than ever!   As we approach Nationals there are more pageants to be posted.   Plans to be made.   Work to be accomplished.   So, if you want to earn more Queen’s Points and Celebration Ca$h we really could use your help.   You may post for either pageant program:   Miss Celebrations USA  or America’s Miss Agribusiness.


Posting for Queen’s Points & Celebrations Ca$h!

Miss Celebrations USA Queen’s (and Queen’s Moms) have the opportunity to earn both Queen’s Points (QP’s are very important when it come to the Miss Spirit of  Celebrations USA National title and the Royal Ambassador Program)

AND Celebration Ca$h (Everyone wants as much CC as  she can possibly earn.  If you haven't read up on the “Mad Hatter’s Ca$h Ba$h you need to.)

By joining the “Posting for Points and Ca$h Club” you can earn loads of points and Celebration$ Ca$h without leaving the comfort of your home.   Yes, Mom can help.


However, Miss Celebrations USA doesn’t want to get a reputation for “SPAMMING”!  

This is very important.  It is so important that you understand the RULES before you begin to post.

You also want to understand how to avoid “FACEBOOK JAIL”!  (click here for more information)


SUE ANN COLON, VIP Royal Ambassador, is the lady in the know.

Before you can officially join the “Poster’s Club” you must get the seal of approval from Sue Ann.   Getting the seal of approval will earn you 1000 Queen’s Points and 5000 Celebration Ca$h.




** You must download the official “Banner” to your computer.

**You must use the official “Text”  and post it along with the banner (p.s. don't post the location instructions at the top of the description)

**POST DO NOT COUNT UNLESS THEY ARE POSTED TO A BOARD THAT IS PERTINENT TO THE PAGEANT YOU ARE POSTING!!! (Example some post are marked as “Nation Wide” …. This means that it is a National promotion and can be posted on any and all boards.   SOME BANNERS ARE MARK WITH AREAS … EXAMPLE:   a pageant in Alabama may be marked for posting in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi …. DO NOT POST AN ALABAMA POST ON A BOARD THAT COVERS Texas and Oklahoma

**Please make sure that you do not post the exact same banner: 

1.  If it has been posted within the last 24 hours    *Do not post more than ONE Miss Celebrations USA Banner or ONE America’s Miss Agribusiness banner to a page at one session.   You can return to that page in about 12 hours and post a DIFFERENT BANNER for either program.   However, remember that you should not post the same banner within a 24 hour period (some Facebook Pageant groups are huge and the banners move quickly….if this is the case then you get to use the “scrolling” rule.”)



**Please “tag” the Director in Charge of the Pageant banner you are posting.  That way she can answer questions that people may have.

**You will find all the current banners below.

**If the banner is not listed on the below DO NOT POST IT!

The Director in Charge of the Pageant does not want help!   She already has a plan for her posting.

**REMEMBER NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES WILL COME WITH A SEVERE PENALTY IN BOTH QUEEN’S POINTS AND CELEBRATION CASH!  In Addition, it will most likely cause Miss Celebrations USA to be banned from the pageant board and you will most likely end up in “Facebook Jail”.

**Sue Ann will teach you the way to avoid “Facebook Jail”.“FACEBOOK JAIL”!  (click here for more information)

   Remember, you should not post more than 10 posts at a session and don’t “rapid fire” post.  Leave a few minutes between posting to Facebook Pageant Boards.

**YOU ALSO GET POINTS for posting to other types of boards. 

Examples:  Local News Organizations have online community calendars,

Any type of Community Calendar or Event Calendar that the pageant you are posting will benefit from.  (In other words, if the pageant is in Jacksonville FL…..a post in Maryland is not allowed!)

Voy Boards

Modeling Boards

Craigs List



Posting is very important!





A posting session is 10 (ten) banners posted.   You enter your date and activity on your Queen's Points Tracking Sheet and your Celebration$ Ca$h Tracking Sheet.   Remember, you need to tag either the director in charge of the pageant (preferably) or me.   Tagging is your proof.   That way you can list a posting session on one line of your Tracking Sheet.   REMEMBER NOT TO RAPID FIRE POST!  Sue Ann will discuss this.



200 Queen's Points   

500 Celebration$ Ca$h



300 Queen's Points

750 Celebration$ Ca$h



500 Queens Points

1000 Celebration$ Ca$h

Extra Bonus Points:  

When posting to a Facebook Pageant of Modeling group always check to make sure Sherry Lee Crews ( is a member of the group.  IF you find a group that I am not a member of and you add me.................... YOU GET A FINDER'S BONUS OF $2000 Celebration$ Ca$h!




Print Queen's Points Tracking Sheet Here!



Print Celebration$ Ca$h Tracking Sheet Here!







In order to successfully download and post these pictures and description please follow the steps

as listed below.  You may want to print this text to keep it for future use. 

WILL NOT  WORK ON A PHONE. (screenshots not allowed)


1. Left Click on the desired image in the gallery (you can quickly download the image by clicking on the download link on the image before opening up the image preview.)

2. A secondary page will open up

3. In the top left of the page click the download link image

to download the image to your computer ( Images by default download to your DOWNLOADS folder unless you tell it to download somewhere else)

4. The text for the description for the post will be located on the right side of this page

5. To copy the text for the description in the right window  you must left click and select all of the text from top to bottom

6. While the text it is still highlighted in blue press CTRL and the C key on your keyboard at the same time. (this will copy the text to your computer's clipboard)

7. Post as you normally would but when it comes time to add text description click where you would post the text and press CTRL and the V key on your keyboard to paste the text. ( if you have copied anything else between selecting the text and now it won't work repeat steps 5 and 6)