Cover Miss



Any contestant is eligible to earn the title of COVER MISS. Collect the most ads to be placed in the program book and you will have your photo on the cover! PLUS…a rhinestone-studded sash, crown, and the title of Miss Orlando’s Cover Miss.

Friends and family can place “Good Luck” ads in the program for their special princess. Local businesses can purchase an ad in the program as well. Ask a friend who has their own business selling makeup, jewelry, or other novelty items to advertise.

The program will be 8.5” x 5.5” in color. Ready print ads should be submitted to in the following sizes:


FULL-PAGE:             8” x 5”             $75                 

½ PAGE:                    4” x 5”             $50

¼ PAGE:                    4” x 2.5”          $35

Businesses may send business cards for $25 to go toward "Cover Miss"


You must have a minimum of ONE full-page ad to qualify for this title. The deadline for ads is April 24, 2020, at midnight. There is a form attached below that might help you in your Cover Miss Title.








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