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February 11th-14th

2021 National Scholarship Pageant

Miss Celebrations USA

Renaissance World Golf Village St Augustine, Florida

 Awarding $30,000

In Scholarships and Prizes

Thunder Road Ca$h Ba$h -

Friday Night - Tickets Required

Exclusive  "Celebrating You!" 

Pink Ladies Party -

(Must be qualified to attend!)

Saturday Night-Tickets Required

(parents and siblings may purchase a ticket once they have a Queen who qualifies)

Who is Qualified:

**2020 Returning National Queens

**2021 Calendar Queens

**2021 "Celebrating You!" Qualifiers

**2021 National Scholarship Princesses

**A Dozen Does It! Qualifiers

New National Queen's Reception-

Sunday -- Immediately After Crowning


 A Note from National Director Sherry Lee Crews:



I love hosting the parties for the Queen's and their families!   I believe in "going big or going home"!   I will pull out all the stops to give you the best party experiences ever.   Both the Thunder Road Cash Bash and the Pink Ladies VIP Exclusive Party will be full of FOOD (buffet style, foods everyone likes and plenty of it) FUN, ENTERTAINMENT, and most importantly PRIZES!



Parties are expensive.   First of all, it's the food, it's where you eat the food and we are going to be eating in the Ballroom of the World Rennaisance World Golf Resort in St Augustine, Florida which is a short drive from Disney.


 I want buffets......they are more expensive!   I don't want anyone to leave hungry.   I want a 50s themed burger and Malt Shake buffet. 


 Then hotels have something event planners hate!  It's called PLUS PLUS PLUS.   That simply means that to the ridiculous price of their buffet they add 15%tip PLUS a 7.5 % Service Charge (I thought a Tip was a Service Charge) and 6.5% percent tax.   Then they add a room set up fee of several hundreds of dollars every night! 


I tell you all this so that you will understand why tickets tend to be pricey ........... I did, however, win one argument!  We will have an adult price and a different price for children 9 and under!


Don't forget that Queens can actually earn their "Cash Bash"  party tickets through the Sponsorship Program this year!  In addition, the new "Celebrating You!" party is an exclusive event...queens must earn the right to be at this party...when they do, their ticket is complimentary!

LOVE Sherry Lee Crews your National Director..... 


Check-in — Our official registration day is Thursday, February 11, 2021.   Registration begins at 3 pm.

Attire--We would love for you to arrive looking like the Queen you are in your sash and crown.


Thunder Road Cash bash Auction!  Friday Night -- Tickets are required.   They may be purchased or earned through the Sponsorship Ad Program.  Attire:  Your "Celebration Imagination" costume or any type of fun costume will be awesome.   Parents you can dress like a "Grease" character or a superhero or just come casual.   It's all about fun.   Remember to bring a bib!


"Celebrating You!" Pink Lady Party —Party with Prizes and Dancing!  Saturday Night -- By Invitation only 

(Parents and siblings may purchase a ticket once their queen is qualified!)


NEW NATIONAL QUEENS RECEPTION — Sunday Immediately following Crowning. Attire:   Your Black cocktail dress for Official National pictures, sash, and crown.  

Party Tickets

Thunder Road
Cash Bash
You Dinner