National Competition

Queens will be competing in 2 Mandatory Competitions plus at least 1 optional Competition at Miss Celebrations USA National. 

Queens who won their title(s) at a Miss Celebrations USA Mini State Pageant (all our pageants are Mini State Pageants, except for Nationals)  then your prize package included your Basic Registration for Nationals 2021.   

Your Basic Registration includes your 2 Mandatory Competitions (Personal Introduction and Beauty Wear) PLUS the 1 Themed Wear Optional of your choice.

Mandatory Competitions:


This competition is our part of your overall score!  This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to our Judges and the audience.



The attire for our Baby Miss, Toddler Miss, and Tiny Miss will be our official Miss Celebrations USA National tee shirt and blue denim!  Your official Miss Celebrations USA tee shirt will be a white tee with purple and silver accents.

Your bottoms must be able to be seen below your tee shirt and can be traditional jeans, a denim skirt, capri, etc.

PLEASE, no holes, rips or tears in your blue denim!

IMPORTANT:  The parent or guardian who accompanies our Baby Miss, Toddler Miss, or Tiny Miss contestants must have a Miss Celebrations USA official tee too.  Yours will be purple with white and silver accents.  It is recommended that you wear dark bottoms.   Remember, we want your Queen to be the focus.  More on the reasons for this rule can be found on Nationals Policies, Procedures, and Question


Baby Miss, Toddler Miss, and Tiny Miss

must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and will be introduced by the emcee.  There will be a stage card in your official Miss Celebrations USA Welcome to Nationals packet.


Little Miss

Will be introduced by the emcee.  There will be a stage card in your official Miss Celebrations USA Welcome to Nationals packet.


Petite Miss through Elite Ms.

will have time (about 30 seconds) for a quick modeling walk and 60 seconds to introduce yourself. Your name and the area of the country you represent (South Alabama or North Michigan, etc.) should begin your introduction.  Then it is all up to you.   What do you want the judges to know about you.?  Please remember that your introduction must be 60 seconds or less.  



Baby Miss, Toddler Miss, Tiny, and Little Miss Contestants may choose either a short or floor length pageant dress.

Petite Miss through Elite Ms. will need a floor pageant gown to compete.


Competition Guidelines:  Contestants will be judged on Personality, Stage Presence/Poise, and Overall Appearance.

*Dresses should be age-appropriate! Although we are not a  glitz system (We are Semi-Glitz.);  we do allow dresses with rhinestones, etc.

*The new two-piece dresses are allowed for our older divisions.

*Hairpieces are allowed.   Please remember we are Semi-Glitz, not Glitz when choosing a hairpiece.

*Makeup is allowed.   It should be AGE APPROPRIATE FOR A PAGEANT!  Our younger contestants may wear, blush, lip gloss, mascara, etc.  (Just remember we don't want our two years old Queens to look 24 years old!

No flippers. No spray tans, no false lashes or fingernails on our Baby, Toddler, Tiny or Little Miss, please.

*Spray tans are allowed on Petite Miss through Elite Ms.

*No Flippers!

* A word about Modesty.   We are a Semi-Glitz program. However, we are a  family-based pageant program.   Please consider this when choosing your outfits.  If you offend the judges, you most likely will have points deducted.




3. Optional Competitions: 

Queen's must have at least one optional to complete their overall score.  One themed optional is included in your basic package.



Interview - This optional is only available for Petite Miss through Elite Ms. ($75)

ATTIRE is your official Miss Celebrations USA tee and denim bottoms (see regulations above for Personal Introduction.    Your personal interview will be 3-5 minutes and a time for the judges to get to know you.


Essay One page, front side only, typed or handwritten, double-spaced no smaller 12 pt. font.  ($65)


OUR THEMED WEAR OPTIONAL COMPETITIONS:  (all themed optionals are $55 each)


St. Valentine's Theme Wear - This is an OOC (outfit of choice) theme wear optional open to all ages.  Think Valentine's Day!  Outfits can be custom made or off the rack.   Model as if you were in a fashion show.   Have fun!


Patriotic Theme Wear - This is an OOC (outfit of choice) theme wear optional open to all ages.  Outfits can be custom made or off the rack.   Model as if you were in a fashion show.   Have fun!


Christmas Theme Wear - This is an OOC (outfit of choice) theme wear optional open to all ages.  Outfits can be custom made or off the rack.   Model like you are in a fashion show.   Have fun!


Celebrate Imagination - This is an OOC (outfit of choice) theme wear optional open to all ages. This is the time to break out your fun outfits,  your Disney Princess outfits, your Neverland inspired outfits, in other words, this optional is all about you!      This outfit can then be worn to the "Pirates Plunder Cash Bash and Custome Party".


National Miss Photogenic -  (This optional leads to a National Title:  2021 National Miss Celebrations USA, Miss Photogenic.)  You must submit at least three photos.  (You have the option of submitting more for a small extra fee.)  Pictures may be a head-shot or a full-body pose. Photos do not have to be professional.   Photos must be 8 X 10.  Photos are scored on personality projection, clarity, and the contestant's overall photogenic qualities. DO NOT MAIL PHOTOS!  You will turn your photos in at the registration desk upon check-in!     Photos that do not have the proper labeling will not be accepted (Name of the Contestant and Division on the back of the photo).  Please do not place your photos in a thick pageant photo protector because they WILL NOT fit inside our binders!  Your photos will be returned to you in a protective cover!   Miss Photogenic fee includes three photos $85.  You may enter extra photos for $15 each.


2020 National Supermodel Contest -- 

This optional is totally separate from your National Registration.  The competition will take place on Thursday and more information can be found by clicking here!

Design your Tee Shirt Competition ($55)  Price includes an additional Miss Celebrations Tee!  (It is purple with white and silver accents.)  Pictures coming soon.

Decorate Your Car (No Charge)


National Queens Bling -a- Bear (For Reigning National Queens and Royal Ambassadors)

Door Decoration- ($20)  Decorate your hotel door in a Neverland Theme

By participating in this program It will allow us to Crown a

Scoring for Divisional Titles and Scholarship Awards will be determined by

Personal Introduction + Beauty Wear + Highest Scoring Optional

In the event of a tie, the next highest optional gets added in as well. 

If there is still a tie, the third-highest optional is added in... And so on and so forth.

Onstage Introduction and all Optionals are scored on a scale from 1-10.

Beauty Wear is scored on a scale from 11-20.

Miss Photogenic is the highest combined score of three photos.

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