2020 National Queens & National Ambassadors Confirmaton and Important Information Page 

This page is for Reigning National Queens and Ambassadors ONLY!   


Here you will find information on Nationals 2020, including answers to questions you may have.  YOUR NATIONAL CONFIRMATION FORM is at the very bottom of this page.  IF YOU ARE COMING TO OUR 2020 DESTINATION NEVERLAND NATIONALS   as a reigning queen you still must complete the Confirmation Form below


AS time approaches for Nationals your Reigning National Queen Schedule and information about your National/Royal Ambassador party will appear on this page.


IF you ARE NOT COMPETING this is the only Confirmation Form you will have to complete.


IF you ARE COMPETING then you will need to complete the form on ww.missclelebrationsusa.com/nationalconfirmation



WHO CAN COMPETE?   If you are a  National Queen , part of your prize package was your Basic Registration Fee to Nationals FOREVER.   I feel that once you have been a National Queen you should be able to compete at Nationals anytime you like...and vie for Scholarship Money!

If you are a Royal Ambassador it gets a little more complicated.

Children of Miss Celebrations USA Directors, employees, etc.  ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COMPETE.


Brookelynne Schnurpel is the daughter of one of the  National Leadership Teams directors; therefore, she cannot compete.

APPOINTED ROYAL AMBASSADORS may compete.  However, you then become ineligible for the  Royal Ambassador team for the next year.   You must go through the process of becoming a National Queen, Reigning and then submitting an official application to be part of the Royal Ambassador team when you are ready.

If you submit a confirmation form to Nationals, the National Office will take it as a sign that you are ready and willing to go through the steps!   This is simply your choice.   It is fine with me either way, I promise.   If you love competing and would like a shot at the $5000, then by all means complete.


REIGNING NATIONAL QUEENS WHO WANT TO BECOME PART OF THE  ROYAL AMBASSADOR QUEEN'S TEAM........National Queen's who have completed their reign may submit to become part of the  Ambassador Team (it is a two-year reign).   Those Queen's who have worked hard to help promote the Miss Celebrations USA program by supporting our programs, making appearances and community service will have the opportunity to submit an application to become a  Royal Ambassador about the 1st of February for the corresponding year.   Please make sure you are keeping up with your Queen's Points and it is very important that you make appearances, referrals and help with pageant promotion (remember the people who participate in a pageant, the more hungry we feed).


1. Queen has to be 10 or older.

2.  SUBMIT THE FORM on www.misscelebrationsusa.com/ambassadors

3.  SUBMIT AN ESSAY either separately on as part of the form:  Yes, it can be in an email. 

 TO:  rebecca@misscelebrationsusa.com

 Subject:   My plan of action for my reign as a Miss Celebrations USA Royal Ambassador

(Ms. Sherry wants to know how you plan to help the Miss Celebrations USA Program grow.  Remember, the more the program grows, the more contestants we have, the more food we collect!





We will be doing the NATIONAL QUEENS/ROYAL AMBASSADOR GLITTER CRITTERS PROGRAM!   Every National Queen and Royal Ambassador has the opportunity to create her very own "Bling" Stuffed Animal.  They will be auctioned off at the "Pirate's Plunder Ca$h Ba$h!   In fact, they will be the very first items to be auctioned.   NEW:   You actually get to keep the Celebrations Ca$h that your stuffed animal goes for!  Yeah, more for you to spend.   Make sure to "autograph" your creation.   


You may request a "LITTLE BLING BAGS"  from your National Office beginning about the middle of January 2020.     These will be bits and pieces of things that you can use to decorate your animal.   To get the "LITTLE BLING BAGS" just let me know you want them.    PLEASE  DO THIS VIA A WRITTEN EMAIL TO INCLUDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS.



This party is for out-going National Queens and all Royal Ambassadors on will be on Wednesday Night.


Tinks Tea Party — Our official registration day is Thursday, February 14, 2020.   We will have two registration sessions, one early, one late.  Both will be Tea Parties!  No Charge 


Pirate's Plunder CASH BASH AND COSTUME PARTY Friday Night


Pixie Hollow — Prizes and Dancing!  


Queen's Brunch — Immediately following crowning.  This party is for all New Queens, Royal Ambassadors, and one guest.  There is no charge for National Royalty (and you get to bring one guest)  if you would like more tickets they can be purchased by contacting the National Office.



Reigning National Queen & Ambassador Confirmation Form

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