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Welcome to the 2018 Miss Celebrations USA Official Founders Club Page!

If you were crowned on or before January 31, 2018, then you are an 

official member of our Founder's Club and are entitled to some "Extra" benefits.

Once you have read this page (to the very bottom!)  You will need to fill out and submit the form, that you will also find at the very bottom of the page.  The form is your official notification to the National Office that you are a member of the "Founder's Club" 




1.  Founder's Club Members are entitled to waive the $200 Mandatory Sponsorship fee.  Instead, they will receive a 1/2 page in the official 2019 Miss Celebrations USA National Pageant Program and Keepsake, with their picture, bio and the Founder's Club Emblem, at no cost to the Queen.

2.  The National Office (Trae) will design the official Founder's Club 1/2 page in the program for Founder's Club Queens at no charge.   You will just need to send him your picture (high resolution and no selfies please) and a short bio.

3.  At our Alice's Tea Party National Check-In you will receive a special "Founder's Club Bag" filled with age appropriate things to help you make it through the weekend.

4.  Founder's Club Members will receive a $50,000 Celebration$ Ca$h Bonus at the Celebration$ Ca$h booth during check-in.

4.  Founder's Club Members will be introduced on stage on Sunday during our crowning ceremony and receive a special gift from Sherry.



 Founder's Club Members may elect to UP-GRADE their free ad in the program to a full page.   By submitting an upgrade fee of $100,  you will receive the following benefits:


*YOUR PAGE in the official 2019 Miss Celebrations USA Program will become a full page.

*Trae will still design your official page at no extra cost.

*You will also receive your (the Queen's) TICKET to ONE of our awesome Parties FREE!



PLEASE NOTE:   We may add additional benefits to this page at any time.   So make sure to check it once a week or so.