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2022 Miss Celebrations USA Calendar Raffle

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Absolutely the most exciting news you'll hear this year!   Miss Celebrations USA is launching its second year of our CALENDAR QUEEN PROGRAM.  

You are absolutely going to want to be a Miss Celebrations USA Calendar Queen!  Below you will find the basics about this program.  The earlier you participate the better chance you will have in securing your spot on the  2022 Calendar. 

THE BASICS:  What you need to know now!

The prestigious Calendar Queen Program is part of the Miss Celebrations USA National Scholarship Raffle Program. This can lead to a National title ... MUCSA National SCholarship Queen at Nationals 2022. 

You must be a current MCUSA Prelim Queen or current National Queen. If you are a Royal Ambassador you can also sell tickets this will help your chances of earning the National Supreme Royal Ambassador title. 

That means that in order to compete you will be selling Raffle Tickets ($5 each). In order to qualify to be in the running for the current month, you must sell at least 50 tickets. The person who sells the most for that month will get that month. Your tickets will roll over until we have a Calendar Queen for every month. Your total number of tickets sold for the whole year will determine who is on the COVER of the calendar.

    The proceeds from the sale of these raffle tickets will go to help support our National Scholarship Program.  It is so much easier to sell raffle tickets than to collect donations... I promise you!   

What you the (Competing) Contestant/Queen needs to know:

To participate in this program you will need to request National Scholarship Raffle tickets from the National Office:  rebecca@misscelebrationsusa.com

Raffle tickets are really easy to sell.  The purchaser is getting the satisfaction of helping you, a local queen, a tax deduction, and their name in the drawing for


a $250  Amazon Gift Card

The Queen who sells the Winning Ticket will receive a special prize. She will receive the Official MCUSA Embroidered Soft Shell Jacket.

Additionals you need to know about

 The Celebrating You program!

If you want your girl's birthday recognized in the Calendar we have a special program for that as well. For a small donation of $59, you can have your daughter's birthday recognized in the National Calendar.

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Celebrating You!!!

Birthday Donation

Happy Birthday



Due to Covid and the date nationals fell the first 3 contestants to send in the minimum (50) tickets will be named January, February, March. 

After that each queen will be named after the 30th of the month, ticket money has to be turned in by the 30th of each month, not the actual tickets. 

All  final tickets and monies need to be returned to the

National office by November 10th, 2021

Drawing to be November 15, 2021.

It takes us 3 weeks to get the Calendars printed. This way we can have your calendars ready to ship before Christmas. The perfect gift for friends and relatives.

You get credit for every ticket you sale.

If you are participating in the Calendar Queen Competition; you get credit towards that month's title.  These titles are first come first serve. The first person to sell the most gets January so on and so forth.


You also get credit for the tickets you sell (all year long) towards the

2022 National Miss Celebrations USA Scholarship Queen

title.   Our National Scholarship Queen will be crowned at Nationals and she will be part of the  Signature Title Queens. 

Please congratulate our very first Calendar Queen ever....

Arabella Alvarado our 2021 Miss January

2020 MCUSA Calendar Queen Arabella Alvar

Pictures for the Calendar Queens will need to be submitted... don't worry we will contact you with details as November approaches!


You must attend Nationals in its entirety to be recognized as a Calendar Queen and be in the running for Scholarship Queen.

***You will receive an invitation to The Celebrations Cash Bash to be hosted by Miss Rebecca and Mr. Trae on Saturday Night at Nationals!

***$100,000, (One Hundred Thousand) in Celebration$ Ca$h just for being a Calendar Queen!

2022 Miss Celebrations USA Calendar

Which will go on sale in Late November early December! 

Think about how proud your Grandmother will be!  :)

2022 Miss Celebrations USA Calendar Raffle



As part of our basic entry fee, our Celebrations contestants are required to bring a donation for the local charity that we are partnering with within that community.  Normally we request at least 25 nonperishable.   It literally breaks our heart to think of children going to bed hungry.  However, we will, on occasion, work with other non-profit organizations.  (Veterans groups, women’s shelters, etc.)   We help wherever we are needed.


Miss Celebrations USA is a two-tier pageant system. (No Traditional State Pageants!) This means that once you have a Miss Celebrations USA title you are qualified for Nationals  (Your Basic Entry fee is Paid).


Cutting out the traditional "State Pageant" allows for more Celebration Pageants at a local level. Giving us more opportunities to help more people and touch more lives.   We call our local pageants “Mini State” or preliminary pageants.    This makes it possible for contestants and Queens to participate in more pageants while spending less (you are not limited in the number of Celebration titles that you hold.)  Additionally, this system allows us to provide our Queens and families with more parties, prizes, and fun!.


We strive to embody the words, "Beauty by Action."  Our Queens will grow in poise, confidence, and self-esteem, by giving back to their communities; donating their time, talents and energy. These activities teach our Queens strong Leadership Skills.  Miss Celebrations USA defines beauty by what our Directors and Queens put their minds, hands, and hearts into.

2022 Miss Celebrations USA Calendar Raffle